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Check here for screenshots of a Furcadia client being made using FINF

FINF is a basis for a Linux* C++ programmer to create practically any Furcadia (TM) related program. These could be anything from automated players (a.k.a. Bots), semi-automated proxy servers (a.k.a. Proxies), or even a whole new (probably Linux based) Furcadia client. It follows the GNU General Public License (GPL) and therefore is fully open source. It is currently in active development by three to four developers, lead by Golden Hawk and Morpius.

The API is currently under construction, and is implemented in POSIX C++. It may be portable to Windows but this is not our primary goal. Call us mean, but we think you Windows users have enough software to be getting on with.

So, in a nutshell, FINF is:
  • A reasonably easy to use, clear programming API, using sensible Object Oriented programming and events;
  • primarily for Linux users, although if someone has the time they are free to make a port (or better yet help us make one);
  • the API used for a GPL Furcadia Client, isofinf, which plans to have 3D support;
FINF, however, is not:
  • Intended for non-developer use;
  • A Bot, Proxy, or Client itself; <-- GOOD NEWS, THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE.
    FINF now has a working text mode client for debugging purposes called txtmefurc, thanks to Morpius!
    Check here for instructions
  • Furcadia!

If you'd like to help with the FINF project, we are currently in need of FSH patch artists, "Dream Weavers", and C++ coders.

Morpius (morpius/at symbol/
Golden Hawk (goldenhawk/at symbol/

Finf is hosted by those Gods who made Sourceforge.

* By Linux we really mean any OS that is potentially capable of compiling and running a POSIX C++ application, for example OpenBSD.

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